Success Stories

Each of our clients is unique, and they all experience events—expected and unexpected—that impact their financial plan. For us, navigating these changes begins with a deep understanding, not only of their finances, but of who they are as people.

Optimizing Social Security & Retirement Income

When deciding how to structure your retirement income, it is essential to consider your lifestyle, your family’s unique needs, and the ways your decisions will impact your comprehensive financial plan.

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Tax-Wise Charitable Giving Plans

Sudden acquisitions of wealth, such as the sale of a business, stock award or inheritance can result in significant capital gains taxes. Strategic charitable giving vehicles can minimize your tax burden and enable you to support individuals or causes that are important to you.

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Coordinated Estate Planning

Dealing with complex estates after the passing of a loved one can bring stress and uncertainty in an already difficult time. Supporting our clients requires clear communication and close collaboration with attorneys, CPAs and others.

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Financial Planning: Needs vs. Dreams

One of the most common questions our clients have is understanding how much money they need to meet their goals and take care of their family, so they can determine which dreams are within their reach.

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