Retirement Planning

Retirement often presents a number of unique financial management challenges. Many MarsJewett clients approaching retirement face considerable one time cash distributions or important choices concerning highly appreciated assets.

There are some key issues that should and can be successfully addressed:

  • Careful rollover of your retirement plan assets. Rollover of lump-sum distributions of 401(k) and other retirement plans must be handled carefully to minimize taxes and preserve assets.

  • Arranging mandatory distributions from your retirement plan so that you receive the right level of income with the lowest applicable taxes. Mandatory distributions from retirement plans after age 70 1/2 should be structured to maximize resources and possibly avoid unnecessary taxes.

  • Managing stocks and stock options. Plans should be in place for highly appreciated stock or stock options, which can pose complicated tax issues at retirement.

  • Determining long-range asset management and income strategies. Appropriate asset management and distribution strategies are essential with a retirement that could span 30 years or more.

Prudent retirement planning may help protect decades of hard work and the careful accumulation of wealth from the inevitable impact of taxes and inflation. MarsJewett provides sound and thoughtful planning alternatives to their clients that can make possible a long, happy, and financially secure retirement.