Personalized Financial Planning

We don’t believe a uniform solution can meet the needs of all clients. It’s important a fiduciary, acting in your best interest, understands your personal situation, and guides you to make educated decisions. Our partners have obtained their Certified Financial Planner ® designations. The board of Certified Financial Planners holds members to a fiduciary standard. We follow the CFP model of constructing a personalized financial plan for each of our clients:

Financial Planning Process:

  • Establish and Define the Relationship: We typically start relationships with a phone call or meeting to personally get to know each other, outline how we work with clients, and disclose our compensation model.

  • Goals: We want to know your desires and aspirations.

  • Analyze and Evaluate: Review all income sources, liquid investment savings, physical assets, debts, and overall tax situation.

  • Develop: Establish a financial plan and risk test the plan should an undesired event occur (e.g. income loss or market decline, disability).

  • Implement: Diversify investments, coordinate income collection, and develop relationship with your other critical advisors (e.g. CPAs, attorneys).

  • Monitor: Meet regularly with our clients to monitor and adjust plans when necessary.