Estate Planning

Estate planning is your defense against estate taxes - the "end run" that reduces family wealth. Without careful planning, the majority of your estate could be vulnerable to unnecessary taxation. Yet it is not inevitable. Structuring an appropriate plan can allow you to control the orderly transfer of your estate to your heirs while minimizing taxes, fees, and expenses.

Estate planning tools include carefully drafted wills, trusts, and targeted insurance strategies that can provide resources for unavoidable tax obligations while preserving your net worth for your family. Your plan allows trusted family members, friends, and advisors to continue your affairs without unnecessary legal red tape, publicity, or delay of probate proceedings.

MarsJewett uses sophisticated estate planning techniques to help you plan for the well-being of family and loved ones after you are gone. When it comes to the welfare of your family, they understand how important it is to act swiftly, responsibly, and with authority.

MarsJewett can work with your attorney and CPA (or use its own network of professionals) to assist you.